Incresing number Death of Nepali workers in foreign

Posted on : 2017-01-08

A widow holds a compensation cheque she received from Nepali authorities after her husband died of a cardiac arrest in Qatar. The rising number of deaths caused mainly by heart attacks,Climatic condition, and many other diseases.

The number of Nepali workers going abroad has increase more than doubled since the country began promoting foreign labour from about 220,000 in 2008 to about 500,000 in 2015, mostly in Malaysia, Qatar or Saudi Arabia.

the number of deaths among those workers has risen much faster in the same period.

One out of every 2,500 workers died in 2008; last year one out of every 500 died, according to an Associated Press analysis of data released by Nepal’s Ministry of Labour and Employment.

In total, more than 5,000 workers from this small country have died working abroad since 2008.  more than the number of US troops killed in the Iraq War.

The causes, in many cases, have been mysterious. Natural death, heart attack or cardiac arrest are listed for nearly half the deaths.

But now medical researchers say these deaths fit a familiar pattern: Every decade or so, dozens, or even hundreds, of seemingly healthy Asian men working abroad in poor conditions start dying in their sleep.

And in Nepal, the syndrome is not being considered at this point. Instead, Nepali authorities say it could be stress, even homesickness, brought on by physically demanding jobs in extremely hot climates.

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