Yama Buddha Found Dead on London-apartment

Posted on : 2017-01-16

Jan 15, 2017- Nepali rapper Anil Adhikari, who was also known as a Yama Buddha. He was found dead at his London-based apartment on Saturday.

Family sources said that Yama buddha was found hanging from his belt inside the bathroom. According to a family source, Yama Buddha went to bed along with his wife, Asmita Sedhai, 25, around 12 am after having dinner. Later, at around 3 am, he went to the bathroom.

It was only at around 6 am when another person staying with them wanted to use the restroom. He found it locked and after opening the doors using another set of spare keys found Yama Buddha hanging on the towel hanger of the bathroom.

The 30-year-old rapper was living with his wife as a son in-laws at Ruislip in South Harrow, London.

On Friday, he came home after finishing a work at the Royal Mail. Relatives were saying that Yama Buddha was not fully satisfied with his work in london.

During work when Adhikari was posting a letter to a different address he reached at his fan’s home. A nepali girl opened the door and she said that “she is a great fan of him”. she even took a photo with him. Adhikari didn’t want her to post that pic on internet,but she did. when the pic is gone viral on internet yama buddha was so depressed with that. He didn’t want people to know that he was living such life in london.

The rapper who had won the heart of many young hearts with his popular album like Sathi, Aama , but now such talented artist is no more among us.

“We are in shock as he was normal untill having dinner,” said a relative. “He might have been depressed since his works weren’t moving forward after 2012 when he was at the peak of his career.”


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