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Illuminium Pvt. Ltd. , a company specializing in customized high power SMD LED lighting solutions. Illuminium  brings to you a revolutionary lighting technology with the help of which you could meet your entire lighting requirement with almost 6 times less power than the traditional incandescent lights.
Energy efficient lighting has been a major concern amongst us these days because of the ever increasing electricity cost. Halogens, metal halide consume several thousand watt of power and are too expensive to run them generator/main grid.  LED consume 6 times less power than the incandescent lights and almost 3 times less power than fluorescent lights and has more than 50,000 hrs of life, which mean that they run very efficiently for more than 10yrs with less than 3% of light depreciation per annum. The fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs need to be replaced more frequently because their light intensity decreases at the rate of more than 10% per annum. Thus, LED  not only saves  thousands of rupees every month on your electrical bills but also lower your maintenance/bulb replacement cost by almost 5 times over a period of 10 years.

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