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Arjun Thatal

Arjun Thatal

Trekking Guide

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Contact: 9842776729 / 9813270702

Register no: 119-070/71

Course no: TKG-01/69

Citizenship Certificate no: 021018/10011

February 23, 2017

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13120831_1120250704680911_1171504080_oA memory from Manaslu trekking.
The best trekking of my life. I mean we skip the destination for softening weather challenges and got the best, out of everything. We have found satisfactory spot to be.

And each trekking has a unique story to inspire my self and share as more as I can for what I have got or learnt through sharing while travelling. As a Trekking guide I can say it would be an essential company I mean travellers or trekkers travelling with Trekking Guide which is travelling together means a lot. Travelling together with the guide is connecting Nepal’s geography and beauty as well in touch with our historic socio community. Travelling with guide as a friend or serviceman is forming a bond with the place, society or a family from specific region, you may discover more facts for curiosities, Because for this we are qualified in second this is my Job and the third is we share your inspiration to our friends and family here. Just to see things in different perspective if we were mistaken. For sure there would benefits for learning and sharing. We always aim for good time to feel, target for satisfaction with safety, come back home and knock the memory, tab the screen watch the photos. Getting the same feeling from our past memories is always charming.

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