The Turnings of Life

Aditya jung Sinjapati

Aditya jung Sinjapati

January 26, 2015

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Searching around looking for something? Pranu heard a voice from behind. Slowly he looked back and he saw his mom he smiled & replied no mom I was just trying to get my stuffs managed. Okay dinner is ready come and have your dinner. Pranu just smiled again said sure mom be right there. His mom left him and closed the door, he now sat down in his chair and stared to star outside his window. His room was not much a small room with a wide window, his book rack and his computer table. He always planned to do something to be happy and rich in life.

While he was thinking sitting on his chair he heard a voice Pranu come and have your dinner, it’s getting cold. He just stood up and headed down, to have his dinner. At the dinner table his father and mother were waiting for him to join them. Pranu’s father was a banker very punctual and well managed. His father asked him so son are you ready for tomorrow? Pranu just nodded his head and started to have his dinner. He finished his dinner and he went up to his room and he laid back in his bed. There were million things going in his mind, he stood up and looked in the mirror and told himself let’s get a fresh start. Tomorrow is a big day don’t need to look back to what has already been gone need to look ahead. Tomorrow was his 1st day to college, he had been waiting a lot to for that day but recently he had broken up with his love. He was very much heart broken and disturbed, he just wanted to forget her but kept getting stuck in her memories. He was still struggling to forget her beautiful face, the perfect moments he had with her.

The Beautiful caption
The Beautiful caption

He still could not believe she was not with him and they had apart, all the dreams shattered. He just feel asleep thinking about everything. Ring Ring!!!!! The alarm clock began to ring, it was 5:30 am and Pranu slowly got up and looked at his clock. He closed his alarm and went to freshen up, after getting fresh he started to get ready for hi s1st day at college. He left home at 6:10 am. On his way to college he had many things running up his mind. He was trying to get over his emotions and start over a new life, he had walking slowly and unwillingly. On his way to college he saw a girl not so tall, cute face with the most sparkling eyes he had ever seen. He just stopped in the middle of his way and looked at her, to his luck she was from the same college as he was. He just followed her to college, he was free from his memories and he was feeling different. He reached his college and stared to look for his class, may be it was a coincident but the girl from earlier was there sitting in his class. He stepped in and placed himself beside her and looked around, he saw new faces and every one was looking happy to see each other. All of a sudden a guy stood up and said “Hi guys I am Saajan, please to meet you all”. This stared the wind of introduction and Pranu was waiting to just hear one name the girl next to him. The girl stood up smiled and said “Hi everyone I am Anita, glad to meet you all”, these words felt like the Sweetest breeze of air in the spring. Pranu was next to introduce himself, he stood up and said “Hello Friend’s I am Pranu, Glad to be accompanied by you all”. Just as he was introducing himself the teacher stepped in. The teacher smiled and said seems you guys have already become friends that is really nice of you all. Let me introduce myself “I am Mahesh Shrestha, I will be your class teacher for the year and I will be teaching you Economics”. Everyone was glad to get so friendly environment.

In the recess time Pranu looked at Anita and asked her would you like to join me for canteen? As he spoke he heard a voice from behind, hey why only her let’s all go. Anita looked back and smiled yah let’s all go, Pranu was feeling good he meet new friends and he was happy after a long time. They all went to the canteen and ordered food. Everyone started to share their expectation for the 1st day and how good it turned out to be. Pranu was just looking at Anita and every one noticed that, the break was over and they head back to their class. Finally the bell started ringing it was time to go home after such a great morning. Pranu slowly stood up and smiled said good bye to everyone and moved home. He could not get the happy feeling out of him, he rushed home and went to his room. His mom came up and asked him how his 1st day at college was and with a big smile he replied awesome. Pranu started telling his mom how he felt at first and then how things went all great, his mom Smiled and said good to see you happy after so long. Days passes along and everyone became great friends, Pranu started to talk with Anita and they started to go and return together from college.

Pranu felt like he had nothing to lose the good days were here to last, he was getting attracted towards Anita, and every one could see that. His classmates knew he liked Anita and every one promised to help him the way they can. Pranu felt blessed to have such great friend’s and Anita was always the smiley one, he felt like may be his past Girlfriend was not meant for him but Anita was the one. Time moved on Pranu made many new friends and of them all he had two special friends by now, they were “Saajan & Rohita”. Both of them were very close to Pranu and Rohita had some feelings for Pranu but never showed it to him, Saajan Knew about it. They just were happy to see their friend happy. Pranu collected all his courage and asked Anita if she would like to go out with him, Anita kept quiet and looked into Pranu’s Eyes and said I think we need to talk. Pranu hearing her response got scared and things started to fill around his head, he just nodded and kept silent. Anita and Pranu did not speak for the whole time and it was time to go home, Pranu asked Anita let’s talk while returning back. Anita looked straight into Pranu’s eyes and told him no lets go to some coffee shop and talk. He said okay and they left from college and went to the coffee shop that was placed on their way to home. Once they reached the coffee shop, Pranu asked Anita in a low tone you wanted to talk with me. Anita again looked at Pranu but this time her eyes were not the same these eyes were filled with pain, tears and seemed like lost somewhere. Pranu just could not get anything sorted out and asked her what’s wrong.  Why are u so sad today? Is it something I said? Anita just stayed calm and in a low voice told asked Pranu, are you in love with me? He was shocked on hearing these words and he just could not react to these words. These were the words he wanted to tell her but not like this, he has planned better way. Pranu hold Anita’s hands and said yes I love you, I just don’t know how to tell you how much I love you. Anita started to burst in tears after hearing these words from Pranu, Pranu was so shocked he could not think of anything. Anita just left the coffee shop in tears and ran away, Pranu just sat there and felt like an idiot maybe he should have hold back his feelings for her. But now it was too late may be things could have been different, it was just not the way he expected it to be. Pranu got home and he called Anita to know what was the real matter, what had stuck into her, why she ran away from the coffee shop. Anita did not pick up his call and he got bit worried, he called up Rohita to ask if she had any idea regarding the matter. Rohita picked up the call and Pranu told her what had happened today, hearing Pranu’s sad voice Rohita asked if they could meet and talk. Pranu said sure and they decided to meet at 1:30 at new road. Pranu was anxious to talk with Anita, but right now he was seeking some help from Rohita. Rohita showed up at 1:30 and they both went to Jeans cafe to talk about today’s incident. Rohita listen to every details that Pranu gave her and she just said may be she needs time to come up with a decision give her space. Pranu after listing to Rohita felt may be that was the case and he was overthinking the matter. He hugged Rohita and thanked her for the support, Rohita who loved Pranu felt sad seeing how much his feelings were for Anita.

A Week passed by Anita did not come to college, Pranu was trying to reach her through phone but she would never pick up his calls. A month passed by in the same manner, Pranu started to feel all alone and he began to feel depressed. He thought he was no good for any one, no one cared about him and he was not worth to be loved. The college arranged a welcome party for the new comers and all were invited to have a great time, the main attraction was the paper dance competition. Everyone was excited looking for their partner to compete in the paper dance competition. Pranu did not feel like attending the party and just went back home without speaking to any one, all his friends knew he was really sad and they wanted to see him happy. Rohita called Pranu and asked to meet him, Pranu tried to reject her offer but did not want to hurt her as well. Pranu went to meet Rohita where she asked him to be his partner for the paper dance competition, he just shook his head to say no but Rohita insisted a lot. He said okay I will be there but just one dance and I am out of there, Rohita looked happy and hugged him and said thank you. Pranu was still thinking why Anita did not respond to his calls what has gone wrong. Days past by and the welcome party was on every one came dressed up in the most beautiful way they could. Pranu went to pick up Rohita from her home, Rohita was wearing a beautiful white gown and she really looked gorgeous in that gown. Pranu looked at her and said wow u look gorgeous, Rohita blushed and just smiled and said you look great too. They left for their welcome party and as they reached there every one was waiting for them at the entrance.

Everyone was looking great and appreciating each other on their great looks. Just as they were about to enter Pranu heard a voice from behind, it was Anita. Pranu could not believe it she was there right in front of him, she looked like an angel from heaven in her long gown. Pranu reached her and asked her where she had been and why she did not respond to his calls. Just as he asked his questions Anita told him I want you to meet someone, Anita introduced Abhaya, he is my boyfriend and we have been in a relationship for past 4 years now. Pranu was taken by shock hearing the words that she was in a relationship, his heart broke down and he felt like falling from a mountain. He gathered all his strength and smile and just said that is great please do enjoy the evening. Pranu was totally broken he had no hopes now he felt more depressed, he had nothing to say or think he just hated himself. Just as he was about to leave Rohita came and hold his hands and just pulled him close to her and hugged him and whispered in his ears please don’t leave me alone.

That was the first time Pranu realized what really to be loved meant he forgot everything, he just fell in the moment. He hugged Rohita back and looked in to her eyes and said “Thanks to you I realized what I had been searching in life, I love you”. They both cherished the moment at the same time it began to rain lightly as if heaven was blessing them both. When they both enter to the party every one greeted them and tease them, Pranu at that point realized everyone knew Rohita loved him but himself. He just smiled and said rather now than never and smiled. All the time he held Rohita close to him and hold her hands, he was happy and finally he had found the perfect one who he knew would never let him go. Pranu finally realized to find true love it always does not have to be the one you love but someone who love you back and cares for you as much as you do.              So my dear friends this story can be mine, can be your just cause you don’t get the one you love does not mean the end of the world. There is always someone waiting for you.

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