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Arjun Thatal

Arjun Thatal

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April 12, 2016

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My experience can be yours too. All of us will share each of our part of life time. My time is always there when I am awake or sleep and travelling (trekking) extended my life time. Glad time survives with us, travelling can support for growing our senses and raises consciousness. May be better to observe and to feel rather than expecting more gives more for us. Rainbow for the eyes, new colours and opportunity for a vision. A flower in a lower and higher altitude, one bird to watch on a different season wouldn’t be that bad. New taste or may be your most favourite taste always in your lunch and dinner in the mountains. And when theres time to walk we can communicate with nature, culture and ourself at peace. In peace we can preserved nature culture and ourself. A healthy heart keeps beating, a healthy mind takes care of good moments. Precious is that when we think of good people who support our travel they all were special whom we met. So we care of our time that can’t be owned but shared.

Whenever we will be in Everest region with highest mountain Everest 8848 m or in eastern nepal with the lowest altitude of 69 m in Kechanakalan. Poonhill or Annapurna base camp, Tsum valley, Langtang, Manslu, Upper mustang Lower mustang, dollopa or all over nepal. Of course in Darjeeling and sikkim. This are the favourite places where I use my enough time to be used to of it. But for your trekking destination theres maximum option for travelling in different parts of Nepal.

4-5 days as an example from nagarkot-Jhule-Chisapani_sundarijal and back in kathmandu. As it depends upon your time and budget 30-35 trekking days from Kathmandu-Gorkha (Tsum Valley)- Manaslu- with the Pass of 5260m larke pass-Manang-back to ktm. There can be hundreds of itinerary for you.

It depends upon travellers time, choices, needs and with arrangement of this some priorities. Wherever you will be. There’s always something to give and something to get more or less. strength and connection built an inspirational stories of ours, always to share or to keep ourself as a never lasting memories that we we have lived and shared. Singing a new melodies, new or old character on a play everyday, suspension bridge, rivers lake remote but wonderful, sometimes leech cockroaches and monkey. Eco-system language religion and culture wouldn’t exist if we weren’t here together. Knowing forms enlightenment thats how we keep travelling for so long.

My contribution as a Trekking Guide for nepal is too be a good traveller and support trekkers to get best holiday. Wich for sure doesn’t seems like only holiday its about history, location, fitness, your inch of curiosity during your travel. As it supports for tourism in nepal it means supporting for people of nepal directly or indirectly, as well as balancing both the aspect nature and life with fitness. After knowing the destination of Where you wanna be in Nepal? Makes a sense for your travel. You can be at Kallapathar 5445m, and the everest top point is in front of you when you are at this height, we can be at lumbini in Janakpur where buddha was born. Its about being in a place at right time is worthiest journey of life. I can sow you which I have seen or can sow you for which we will be going to see. Our ancestors with bravery at peace and defence preserved this map of Nepal for us. Its ours and we can be friends, family and good traveller. Transformed and awake.

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